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Hurricane Irene

So as some of you may know, I happen to live in New Jersey. Thankfully, not on the shore, but still close enough to Hurricane Irene to get a bit beat up. Two days after the hurricane, we are still without power, phone, and (of course) Internet. I am writing this on a cell phone which has a perilously low battery.

Oh yeah, and a tree almost fell on my house. The key word there is almost. Nobody was hurt, nothing important was damaged, the garage is still standing. But things have been a little hectic for the past couple of days.

Having borrowed a car, I am once again mobile. Of course, most of the streets around my house are flooded (I distinctly recall telling my wife several years ago that “Living on a river will be great!”). Rumor has it that two towns away there is a Starbucks with coffee, wifi, and power. As I haven’t been able to make coffee, I might have enough caffeine-withdrawal rage to fight my way to that mythical plug. If I manage to triumph over the hordes and re-charge, I’ll try and get a real post up later today. Should my quest fail…but it won’t!

In the meantime, there are lots of people all along the Eastern seaboard who got hammered harder than we did. If you want to help, please check out the American Red Cross Hurricane Irene Relief

And for now, here’s a picture of the tree that knocked on our door late Saturday night:

That's My Garage Hiding Behind the Tree

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