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A Blogging Vacation

So over the weekend, I realized that I’ve been blogging just about every week for two and a half years. That adds up to one hundred eighty five blog posts (this one makes one hundred eighty six), which I estimate is a little over two hundred thousand words of non-fiction. When I did the back-of-the-envelope math to get to that estimate, my jaw fell open: that’s a big number, and actually adds up to the equivalent of two book-length works.

And with the (partial) exception of my honeymoon, I’ve never really taken a break from my blogging activities here. This month and next are already crazy for me in my offline life, and they’re likely to get even crazier. So here’s what I’ve decided to do: it is time for a blogging vacation!

To be clear, I’m not shutting down or going away. I love blogging too much to do that. Instead, I’m just going to be scaling back my posting schedule for the next several weeks. I’ll still be posting my weekly Crossroads essays over at Amazing Stories and of course pointing them out over here as well. And honestly? Judging by the last “vacation” I took, I’ll probably pop in here now and again to talk about something at greater length (in fact, I’ve already got some stuff scheduled). But in general, my normally scheduled Tuesday posts will be put on hold until…June 18th, 2013.

That’s a whole month off from blogging here, which for me is an unprecedented break. Honestly, I don’t know if I’ll be able to stay away that long, but it’ll be an interesting experiment.

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