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Apologies for the Delay

I’m sorry today’s post is going to be delayed ’til tomorrow. I’m currently travelling by train from Warsaw to Prague and my laptop is being singularly uncooperative. This apology may or may not get posted depending on my phone’s ability to connect to the interwebs from somewhere in the Silesian hinterlands.

In honor of the fact that I’m in Poland on business at the moment and lacking the GPRS connection to post what I originally intended, here’s a link to some fun news about Poland’s most famous SF author, Stanislaw Lem: there is a new (direct from Polish) translation of Solaris available as an audiobook.

This matters because previously the only English translation was actually an English language translation of a French translation of the Polish original, which apparently (according to Lem) really doesn’t do the material justice. Unfortuneately, the new version is (so far) only available as an audiobook. In the next couple of weeks I’ll give it a listen and share how I think it compares to the original (ha! Bet you didn’t know I’m fluent in Polish!)

Hopefully I’ll get to do a more complete post tomorrow from Prague. Let’s hope my cell phone manages to post this…

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